"​Once the pair become involved with law enforcement k9 handlers, the learning curve is steep, and the Academic changes from linen suits to hiking boots.  Not that the changes are sudden.  But Cat and Solo begin to gain confidence in themselves, and in each other.  They make mistakes, they have successes, they work both out together.  One other mentor plays a huge role in the story and deserves recognition.  Mike Baker, the head of a K-9 unit in  North Carolina, is a major contributor and supporter of Cat and her partner.  His ability and willingness to help the team are notable, and thoroughly professional.  God Grant every Handler such a Mentor… You will thoroughly enjoy reading about Officer Baker…."

Book Review: ” What The Dog Knows.” Cat Warren keeps it Magical. German Shepherd Adventures!


" This is the best K-9 Class I have ever been in. I want to thank all who was involved in putting on the classes.

Mike, God has given you a gift and I'm glad to get to know you, you do amazing things with animals and people. The way you teach is no other, you don't make anyone feel bad or even down about the way they do things. You bring everyone up to the standard of wanting to do better with their animal. I have learned so much this past 3 weeks and I hope I can keep at least 50% to carry back to my department so I can carry on your ideas. Thank you. Don't change anything."

Thanks so much,

Reuben Parker Sr.

​Beaver County Oklahoma Sheriff

​​Triangle Canine